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2014年にスタートしたイヤリングの専門店「Everyday Earrings









デザイナー 山田仁美(hitomi yamada) 




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The concept of everyday earrings 


Beautifully balanced to fit casual clothing.


While of delicate minimalistic design Everyday Earrings have a presence of their own that
stresses brings out the beauty of the wearer.



At the same time wearing ee feels totally natural and comfortable.



That is how how Everyday Earrings came into life.Though small, a simple earring for everyday.



Especially designed  for those who do not usually enjoy to wear earrings.


Because I believe that wearing Everyday  Earrings will make you feel good by brightening up your heart
and adding just a little spark of extra elegance to your everyday.


About the products


I started Everyday Earrings as an exclusive earring brand in 2014.
Being the mother of a toddler at that time my ambition was to create earrings you can wear on the playground or
on playdates to add just a little everyday elegance to my casual mommy outfit.


Everyday Earrings are so light and comfortable that you
forget you're wearing them with the casual look of pierced earrings.


In addition our product line mainly consists of earrings using resins and
allergy free materials developed based on my experience from my own metal allergy.



Hitomi Yamada, designer